The new board of the CCHA, Champaign County Humane Association, recently restructured and changed policies of the Association.   We ask your assistance in supporting their efforts to better service the community.

By sponsoring an animal on a monthly basis it increases the quality of the care we can provide.  Giving a monthly sum also eliminates the financial burden of those wanting to help, making it affordable for everyone.  No monthly donation is too small.  As always, your donations are tax deductible.

The Board of Trustees promises not to squander one cent of what is donated.  It will be used solely for the care and maintenance of animals.  One of our long-term goals is to be able to spay and neuter every animal before it is adopted, thus helping to control the pet population in the county.  Please feel free to stop at the newly renovated shelter and see our progress.

Won't you please open your heart and become a sponsor?

Please print and fill out our membership form and send it with your first month's donation.  In the following months all you need to do is send the coupon with your donation.

Any amount is greatly appreciated!

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